Pecorino Reserve 12 Months

Vacuum-sealed half wheel. Pasteurized sheep’s milk.

Aged up to 12 months and beyond. About Kg 1.

Pecorino Reserve is a cheese that is suitable for tasting full-bodied and important wines. The production of a fine artisanal product results in something with very intense aromas and a strong flavour. Close to the end of the seasoning period, it is greased with olive oil sediment to protect the rind and enhance the scents of its characteristic undertones that make it truly a unique product.

In order to appreciate its long and slow maturation, it can be tasted alone or accompanied by a few drops of truffle honey to give you a combination that will challenge your taste buds. Paired with a glass of Dioneo, iMeli or Insolito, your mouth will be overwhelmed by an explosion of flavours that you won’t forget very easily.

If the package remains intact in vacuum-sealed packaging, it can last up to 6/7 months in the fridge at a temperature of 4 ° / 7 ° C. (39 ° / 44 ° Fahrenheit). Once opened, we recommend it be consumed within within 4/5 weeks, keeping it wrapped in plastic cling film.


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up to 12 months


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