Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – In Tin

Collection November 2020

First cold pressing

Olives collected from the plant

Pressed on the same day as harvest

Olive grower: Raffaello Viani, Azienda Agricola A Solatio

Organic certification

organic certification

Certification entity # ICEA-IT BIO 006

Controlled Operator # B3409

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) contained in this can is the result of the squeezing 5 different types of first choice olives, collected on the land of our farm which is located on the slopes of the Elsa river valley, in the heart of the Tuscany.

It has a strong taste, sometimes slightly spicy, it fully satisfies the need of those who want their dishes to leave a lasting impression, using it both fresh on salads and in modest quantities to cook meat and / or fish dishes.

All our Extra Virgin Olive oils are certified organic by virtue of the processing technique and respect for the production chain as well as their very low acidity and the richness of polyphenols; these particular characteristics give our EVO oils a strong healthiness feature as well as high efficacy in cosmetics.

Store in a cool and dry place, protected from frost, sources of heat and direct light.


Weight N/A
Country of origin





A Solatio

Olive oil type

Extra Virgin


1 l, 5 l


November 2020