Certaldo Onion Compote

Onion Compote – 190gr

The base of the compote is made up of the well-known Certaldo onion, a vegetable appreciated for its slightly sweet taste, round in shape and flattened at the ends, it is purplish-red in colour with whitish internal streaks. Certaldo, a medieval Tuscan village and before that an Etruscan settlement, bears the renowned onion in its official flag, which was already sought after in medieval times. Giovanni Boccaccio himself, one of the fathers of the Italian language and born in Certaldo in the 14th century, quotes verbatim in his most important work, the Decameron, exactly this onion: “Certaldo, as you may have heard, is a castle of Val d’Elsa placed in our countryside …… that land produces onions famous in all of Tuscany”, this means that the production of the Onion of Certaldo has its roots since the early Middle Ages if not in the Roman or Etruscan age .

Sweet and lovable like the hills of the Valdelsa, tasty and intense like the people who inhabit this land, the Onion Compote of Certaldo is a delight for gourmets as well as a SlowFood presidium for the protection and conservation of biodiversity.

Try it paired with our aged Pecorino and a glass of Donna Donella Bianco; You will discover a simple, fast and appetizing aperitif.


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Consorzio Produttori di Certaldo


onions from certaldo, olive oil extra virgin, salt, pepper


190 g