Tuscan Finocchiona IGP

Kg 0,700 approximately – Vacuum-packed – Typical Tuscan Product

It is a typical product from Tuscan delicatessens, but in particular from Florence; its origins can be traced back to the late Middle Ages / early Renaissance and the characteristic presence of fennel seeds is due to the ingenuity of the Tuscan pork butchers who, to save on salt and pepper which at that time was very expensive, added this seed to the dough thus obtaining a delicate sausage, but with a strong characteristic flavour given, in fact, by the presence of wild fennel.

From our experience, we would suggest to enjoy this typical salami with dried pecorino cheese, or courgettes or artichokes in oil, a combination that will surprise you as well as with the support of a good Tuscan red wine IGT, of medium body and not too aged, like our DD Red.

Interesting fact: the verb “infinocchiare”

When talking about wine pairings, an interesting anecdote comes to mind. In Italian the verb “infinocchiare”, that literally translates into the odd “to fennel someone”, actually means to cheat or fool someone.  It comes from a trick that farmers used to sell a wine rather than another. By offering the buyer a good dose of bread and finocchiona before the tasting, the fennel seed, with its intensity, was capable of altering the wine’s taste: hence the verb “infinocchiare”.

 How to store Finocchiona

If the finocchiona salami remains vacuum packed, it can last up to 6/7 months in the fridge at a temperature of 4 ° / 7 ° C. (39 ° / 44 ° Fahrenheit). Once opened, we recommend it be consumed within 4/5 weeks, keeping it wrapped in plastic cling film wrap or in a slightly damp cloth at the recommended temperature.


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