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food can be found. We love our region, one of the most beautiful of Italy, the heart of incredible country landscapes, beaches & mountains, marvellous cities and incomparable artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Boccaccio..

The cultural heritage of this unique Italian region can be savored with the fruits of its territory. What we intend to share with you, is exactly this. Each time you taste our Tuscan wines for example, you are making a toast to those artists and personalities that have been shaping Tuscany for centuries.

Today in Tuscany, there are plenty of small and unknown artists that produce with great passion and love for what they do. This is the kind of products we intend to propose on i-Tuscany.com. If you really want to fully experience Tuscany, then you should try to get a place for a dinner & wine tasting at our exclusive wooden platform in the middle of vineyards, fully surrounded by the Tuscan nature with its fragrances and sounds; we will make sure to add flavors to it.


Certaldo. 1921. Emilio Viani launched his career as a livestock broker and established himself in the market, both for his rigorous and competent selection of oxen and cows, and for his fairness in negotiating at a time when deals depended on a promise and a handshake ; he swept up deals across the region earning him the nickname ” grenata ” (the broom). Business was good.  After the end of World War II, his son Danilo diversi ed from livestock broking into the wholesale of beef and thus expanded his business to cover the whole Tuscany.

During the same period, the Zanoboni and Mazzucchielli families, who lived on the two facing hills a few miles from Certaldo, continued a long farming tradition in the production of wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Umberto Zanoboni and Amendola Mazzucchielli united their destinies and made their home exactly halfway between their respective hills.  And during the 50s, they had two children Donella and Antonella…

Years later, Raffaello Viani, son of Danilo, continued the family business in the food industry, opening a small Salumi cio (cured pork factory), and trading Pecorino Toscano cheese and other Tuscan delicacies.  Meanwhile, Donella Zanoboni helped her parents on their farm whilst  nishing her studies… until one day, in 1974, Raffaello caught sight of her across the Tuscan hills; the beginning of a love story that brought two great Tuscan families together with their ensuing marriage.

  Since then, they have nurtured their business, selecting the best Tuscan products, continuing high end wine and olive oil production on the same Tuscan hills, thus uniting in a single family the experience of three generations.

Raffaello Viani & Donella Zanoboni

As a testament to the quality of these delicacies, their e􀀁orts are watched carefully by the indomitable Umberto Zanoboni, who continues to travel between his two hills in his beloved car, fueled by olive oil and some of his Sangiovese wine, at the ripe old age of 97. 


For over forty years I have been working in the wine and food sector in Tuscany; I love my Tuscany, my land and the people that make Tuscany so special. I think the PASSION for what I do and the PATIENCE to continue in this profession that demands a lot of energy, are the two words that sum up my work and commitment to i-Tuscany.com and the brands that I created.

From elementary teacher to craft artist in the medieval town of Certaldo Alto. I am deeply tied to Tuscany so they are my parents ultra nonagenarian whose respective families have had our lands for centuries. In the last twenty years I have created the brand Stelle & Stalle and I was a guest several times in television programs on RAI 1 and La7, to testify and to present the Tuscan old farming traditions and craftmanship in an artistic key. Tuscany for me is a land of ART and ARTISTS. These are the two words that sum up my Tuscany and my contribution to i-Tuscany.com.

For over 20 years I have been living abroad. Paris, Bonn, Sydney, Tunis, Casablanca and I have traveled all over the world. I can safely testify that Tuscany is the most FASCINATING territory and the most LIVABLE by far. Working on the marketing side of i-Tuscany.com means for me to keep a bridge that  lls the gap of being away every day from my Tuscany.

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