Wine Tasting Tuscany

Tuscany offers several opportunities to discover why its wines are truly fantastic – through coordinated wine tours, cooking classes, wine tastings and wine tours.

The real beauty is what can find Tuscany and its wines on yours, drifting the many areas at the four corners of the area, to identify the mixture of flowers, the way of winemaking or maybe just the appearance of this wine that best corresponds to your taste buds.

And it will not stop here, traveling throughout the span of Tuscany from north to southeast to west and you will meet various variants on a number, where the figurines would be the reason as well as the variants also contain the wines of A Solatio, Certaldo and San Gimignano. Some of these regions are well arranged with itineraries that mix traditional flavors and wines using all the “Wine Road”. Undoubtedly, the classic Chianti along with the nearby Cabernet Sauvignon region, just south of Florence, is among the best known valleys and wine regions. Read our posts below for some helpful tips to prepare your wine tasting itinerary while visiting Tuscany. However, the options expand from here to add different areas of the south that are just as remarkable due to their award-winning aroma, colors and all their flavor. Just think of the cherry tree around the small village of Certaldo, a wine rich in land with a different nature and longevity. The SuperTuscan DOC, the latest addition to a long list of spectacular tastes, sits between the two greats above, focusing on creating a location.

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