Wild Boar Salami

Wild boar salami – about 0,500 kg

Speaking of wild boar salami, we must clarify to the consumer that the salami is defined as wild boar because in its mixture, the presence of wild-boar meat has a percentage of more than 50%, the rest is highly selected pork. This clarification is necessary to make it clear that, technically, it would be impossible to produce a salami with only wild boar meat since, being very low in fat, it would dry out in no time and would also have too strong a flavour;  however, you can appreciate its original and slightly spicy taste by mixing it with pork that gives softness and good amalgamation to the dough.

The wild boar salami, with its appetizing flavour, is indeed truly perfect as an appetizer, paired with dried pecorino cheese and two drops of balsamic vinegar glaze with truffles. Quick and easy to prepare, it will guarantee you an original appetizer to amaze your guests.

Donna Donella Bianco will be the ideal wine pairing for an aperitif, but it can also be enjoyed with a glass of robust Dioneo IGT Tuscan red wine.

If stored intact in vacuum-sealed packaging, it can last up to 6/7 months in the fridge at a temperature of 4 ° / 7 ° C. (39 ° / 44 ° Fahrenheit). Once opened, we recommend it be consumed within 4/5 weeks, keeping it wrapped in plastic cling film or in a slightly damp cloth at the recommended temperature.


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