Seasoned Pecorino

Vacuum-sealed half wheel. Pasteurized sheep’s milk.

Aged up to 6 months and beyond. About Kg 1.

The Seasoned Pecorino is a cheese that is very suitable for tasting full-bodied and important wines. The artisanal production results in a product of intense aromas and a strong flavour that characterizes the authentic seasoned Pecorino. Close to the end of the seasoning period, it is greased with olive oil sediment to protect the rind and enhance the sweetness and delicacy of the dough.

To appreciate the long and slow maturation of this seasoned Pecorino, you can taste it by itself, but it is better if it is accompanied by fig, blueberry or red pepper jams. The combination we suggest is with our Purezza: an aged Sangiovese that will be able to enhance all of its best taste notes.

If the package remains intact under vacuum, it can last up to 6/7 months in the fridge at a temperature of 4 ° / 7 ° C. (39 ° / 44 ° Fahrenheit). Once opened, we recommend it be consumed within 4/5 weeks, keeping it wrapped in plastic wrap.


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up to 6 months