Organic Honey

Organic Honey from Tuscany, Italy: Wildflower Honey, Chestnut Honey, Acacia Honey, Sunflower Honey, Clover Honey, Sulla Honey, Forest Honey.

500 gr packs.

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Wildflower honey is perhaps the best known because it is more present on the market. Its result is the summa of the different combinations of flowers that bees draw on. Few notice the fact that wildflower honey is the most authentic expression of the territory to which it belongs. Thinking about organic wildflower honey as a souvenir to give on return from a trip, means giving away the territory from which it comes.

Unlike wildflower, monoflora honey has a unique type of floral nectar. Our selection includes: Chestnut honey, Alfalfa honey, Lavender honey, and Sulla Coronaria honey.

Organic chestnut honey comes from the nectar of the flowers of the homonymous plant, which reaches its balsamic period in the months of June and July. Used in the kitchen or subject of pure tasting, chestnut honey is appreciated for its acrid and pungent aroma, a taste that is also found in the tasting, incisive and light peaks of bitterness. Its persistence, which is already intense in itself, is amplified by the dense consistency. In fact, chestnut honey, naturally rich in fructose, hardly crystallizes.

More difficult to produce than the previous one, organic alfalfa honey is a true treasure of nature. This is because alfalfa is a perennial plant that hardly takes root, preferring calcium-rich, moist and deep soils. On the nose, alfalfa honey is soft but has intrusive notes reminiscent of the scent of freshly cut grass. The strength of this honey lies in its sour and refreshing flavor which is reflected in a medium and pleasant persistence.

Organic lavender honey also requires incredible production efforts. In fact, to produce a monoflora, large expanses of crops are needed. Its aroma releases a bouquet of floral and fruity notes while on the palate it is velvety, fragrant and with vague flavors of fig flavor. Freshly picked, lavender honey is liquid, of an intense straw yellow color. A few months after the harvest, it develops medium-large crystals that turn the honey’s tone towards white. To best enjoy it, as well as pure, it can be combined with persistent-tasting cheeses, such as Tuscan pecorino.

Unlike the previous ones, which are at least known, the organic honey of Sulla Coronaria is instead unknown to most. This honey is made from the crops of Sulla Coronaria, a fodder plant with a “crowned” flower that gives its name to the entire species. Its characteristics are almost all marked by weak intensity. Even in terms of persistence, this honey is almost imperceptible. The presence of medium or fine crystals means that its coloring is a very light yellow, when not transparent.

Honey characteristics:

  • performs an anti-inflammatory and decongestant action;
  • as a source of polyphenols, honey is one of the best natural antioxidants;
  • performs a sedative action on the upper respiratory tract;
  • increases physical power and muscle endurance, making honey the main ally of athletes.


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Castagno, Millefiori, Sulla Coronaria, Acacia, Bosco, Girasole, Trifoglio




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