Monovarietal organic EVO oil

Collection November 2019
First cold-pressing
Olives collected from the plant
Pressed on the same day as harvest
Olive grower: Raffaello Viani, Azienda Agricola A Solatio
Organic certification

organic certification

Inspection body: ICEA-IT BIO 006
Controlled Operator: B3409

The Leccino del Corno Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of pressing only olives of the Leccino del Corno variety, harvested first and separately squeezed following the three golden rules to obtain high-quality EVO oil:

– collect the olives on the plant

– cold pressing during the same day of collection

– use of mills where the oil extraction process takes place under vacuum

The choice of the Leccino del Corno cultivar is motivated by the fact that, according to our experience, we can obtain an oil that perfectly represents the quintessential flavours (Flavors) and aromas of our Tuscan territory.

It is extremely well-balanced and at the same time a fruity oil, with a highly territorial and extremely clean taste, it is able to give a touch of elegance and refinement to your finest dishes.

To be used only raw.


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A Solatio


Ottobre 2019

Olive oil type

Extra Virgin Monovarietal

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0,750 Lt (25,4 fl oz)