“Andromeda” Gift Basket

The three wines have a common denominator: Cabernet Sauvignon, an unmissable opportunity for an exciting ‘vertical’!

  1. Ser Matteo – IGT Toscana – Cabernet Sauvignon, Colorino, Merlot, Sangiovese – 2013
  2. I Meli – IGT Toscana – Cabernet Sauvignon, Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese – 2015
  3. Dioneo – IGT Toscana – Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon – 2016
  4. Pecorino Reserve (1 kg)
  5. Acacia Truffle Honey

Our gift baskets are based on the production of our farm A Solatio, located in the heart of Tuscany. The aspect that distinguishes our products is Quality, the care of which is almost maniacal.We want to bring a little piece of Tuscany into your homes, and delight you with its most authentic and genuine products.


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