Aged Pecorino

Vacuum-sealed half wheel. Pasteurized sheep’s milk.

Seasoned about 2/3 months. About Kg 1

You will be able to appreciate the freshness of this Pecorino, its fragrance and pleasant texture as well as the intense scent of sheep’s milk that will take you to the pastures where the sheep have eaten fresh grass and small shrubs.

Creamy, slightly buttery, it is fantastic in salads with fresh broad beans and simply dressed with oil and seasoned with pepper and salt; it can be perfectly accompanied with the Certaldo Onion Compote, which pairs perfectly with a Donna Donella Bianco wine.

If the package remains intact in vacuum-sealed packaging, it can last up to 2/3 months in the fridge at a temperature of 4 ° / 7 ° C. (39 ° / 44 ° Fahrenheit). Once opened, we recommend it be consumed within 3/4 weeks, keeping it wrapped in plastic cling film.


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